Librarians, Policy on Part-time [May 17, 1979]

University of Toronto Governing Council

Policy on Part-time Librarians

May 17, 1979

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Policy on Part-time Librarians

A part-time appointment is one that is less than 75% of full-time employment as a librarian.

(1)    Initial part-time appointment at any rank shall be up to one year’s duration.

(2)    Initial appointments may be made to any rank on a part-time basis.

(3)    Since all new part-time appointments are for limited terms which may or may not be renewed at the discretion of the department, there can be no ground for appeal if the appointment is not renewed. Otherwise, grievance procedures for part-time librarians shall be the same as for full- time librarians.

(4)    Part-time librarians shall be eligible for participation in the pension plan according to present policy. In addition, part-time librarians holding appointments of 25% or more shall be eligible for other benefits on a pro-rated basis, and for merit increases after one year.

(5)    A librarian currently holding full-time permanent status may, with the agreement of the department head, the appropriate division or area head, the Chief Librarian, and the Vice- President and Provost, change to part-time permanent status. Changes of such part-time status may occur only with the consent of all parties.


a.    Part-time librarians may hold permanent status only in the case of full-time permanent librarians who change to part-time in accordance with section (5) above.

b.    After three successive annual part-time appointments a librarian may, at the discretion of the department head, and with the approval of the division or area head, the Chief Librarian, and the Vice-President and Provost, be considered for a three-year part-time appointment.

c.    A part-time librarian being considered for a three-year appointment must be reviewed during his or her third annual appointment. This review will be conducted by a committee appointed by the Chief Librarian in consultation with the department head.

d.    A part-time librarian who holds a three-year appointment may be eligible for renewal of the appointment at the discretion of the department head, and with the approval of the area head and the Chief Librarian, and after a further review as in (6)c above.

(7)    A part-time librarian who holds the third in a series of three-year part-time appointments, and who for the whole period has held an appointment of 50% or more, shall be eligible to apply for research or study leave for up to twelve months at 50% of the part-time salary.

(8)    The criteria and procedures for promotion through the ranks from Librarian I to Librarian IV shall be the same as for full-time librarians, except that permanent status is not granted.

(9)    When these policies come into effect, the Chief Librarian will appoint a committee to review all existing part-time librarian appointments. The review will establish rank and term of appointment, and research or study leave entitlement based on past service.

May 17, 1979.