International Students, Statement of Commitment Regarding (Replacing the Policy on Foreign Students) [March 30, 2005]

University of Toronto Governing Council

Statement of Commitment Regarding International Students (Replacing the Policy on Foreign Students)

March 30, 2005

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Statement of Commitment Regarding International Students

1.    Preamble

a.    The presence of international students is an essential feature of the University of Toronto's participation in international scholarship. They contribute to the international character of the University's research, and their presence provides opportunities for the international exchange of knowledge through our teaching programs. The presence of outstanding students from all parts of the world in the University's undergraduate and graduate, professional, and research programs contributes to the attainment and maintenance of excellence the University seeks to assure for all its activities. On the University's campuses, international students also make important and positive contributions to the cultural life of the community and they create lasting relationships of benefit to individuals as well as to the institution and to the country generally. By enrolling international students, the University of Toronto, as an internationally significant university, has an opportunity to share its educational resources with other countries whose institutions are still evolving.

b.    In light of these considerations, the Governing Council has adopted the Statement of Commitment Regarding International Students which commits the University to enrolling a broad mix of international students in its programs, and which articulates the basic principles that will guide their admission to the University, arrangements for their financial support, right of access to academic courses and programs, and provision of services to address their particular needs.

c.    This Statement of Commitment applies to University of Toronto students in university degree, diploma, and certificate programs who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or convention refugees.

2.    Statement of Principles

a.    Within the framework of divisional academic plans, the University of Toronto welcomes international students into all of its programs.

b.    The admission of international students will be consistent with the Policies and Principles for Admission to the University of Toronto approved by the Governing Council in 1991.

c.    The University will broaden and strengthen its recruiting efforts abroad.

d.    Once they are admitted to the University, international students will have access to the same range of courses and support services on the same basis as other students.

3.    Financial Support

a.    International students who are admitted and enrolled may encounter financial emergencies and the University will provide financial assistance as needed and where possible.

b.    The University will develop a program of international admission scholarships using its own resources and support from external sources; these scholarships will be awarded on the basis of both exceptional academic merit and financial need.

c.    The Report of the Vice-Provost, Strategic Enrolment Management on Student Financial Support, submitted annually to governance for information, will include data on the support provided to international students.

Approved by Governing Council on March 30, 2005 to replace the Policy on Foreign Students, approved by Governing Council on June 25, 1987