Information Technology, Policy on [February 1, 2007]

University of Toronto Governing Council

Policy on Information Technology

February 1, 2007

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The University of Toronto’s information and communication technology resources provide a rich array of services and infrastructure to the campus community. Information technologies are provided to support the University’s academic mission and purpose including purposes related to learning both inside and outside of the classroom, teaching, research, administration, and communication.

This policy is concerned with all of the University’s information technologies and services, including, but not limited to hardware and software such as personal computers, servers, personal digital assistants, electronic mail, Web services, learning management systems, Internet and network access, departmental and institutional network infrastructure, telephone, fax and voice-mail and other forms of information and communication technology that exist today or may be developed in the future.


  1. Information technologies provided for the use of students, staff, faculty and alumni shall be used in a manner appropriate and consistent with the University’s mission and academic plan. The use of University information technologies for commercial purposes is prohibited unless special permission has been granted in writing for such use by the responsible Vice-President.
  2. The introduction and deployment of new information technologies must be aligned with the University’s mission and academic plan and the plans of the academic divisions. The design and implementation of new technologies should facilitate the enhancement of the curricular and co- curricular experience of students, and the teaching, research, and administration of the University.
  3. As the senior officer charged with the responsibility to implement the University’s academic plan, the Vice-President and Provost shall have the responsibility for the strategic direction and deployment of institutional information technologies. The Vice-President and Provost is authorized to establish guidelines and procedures related to the use of information technologies. Changes to guidelines and procedures will be reported for information to the appropriate Governing Council Board or Committee.
  4. In order to ensure broad consultation in planning and decision-making processes, Information Technology committees, with senior representation from the University’s academic and administrative divisions, shall provide advice to the Vice-President and Provost with respect to the University information technology infrastructure and the deployment of new information technologies.

Approved by Governing Council on February 1, 2007, replacing the Policy on the Use and Development of Computing Facilities (April 16, 1984) and the Computing Services Financial Policy and Accounting Practice in Respect of Major Computer Mainframe Acquisitions (December 21, 1978)