The following policies, statements and agreements create the framework in which the University operates. Policies set out expectations and guidelines for behaviour and action in specific areas. For additional information about any policy, or to request an accessible format of these documents please contact us at governing.council@utoronto.ca or call 416-978-6576.

University of Toronto Act, 1971

The University of Toronto is governed by the University of Toronto Act, 1971. The Act defines the composition of the Governing Council and its Executive Committee, and describes the powers of the Council. The Act also vests Governing Council certain powers and duties from the University of Toronto Act, 1947.

By-Law Number 2

By-Law Number 2 was created by the Governing Council and describes the duties of the Officers of the Governing Council, the structure of the Council and the procedures under which the Governing Council conducts its business, in accordance with the Act.

Statement of Institutional Purpose

The Statement of Institutional Purpose provides the over-arching policy framework within which the University operates. It includes the University’s mission, purpose, and objectives in the areas of research and teaching, undergraduate and graduate education, and life-long learning.

Governance Principles

The Report of the Task Force on Governance, approved by the Governing Council on October 28, 2010, included three fundamental recommendations that form the basis for the Governing Council's governance practices and for examining how continuous improvements can be made. They are the Principles of Good Governance, the Mandate of Governance, and Expectations and Attributes of Governors and Key Principles of Ethical Conduct.

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