Continuing Education, Statement of Policy on [November 15, 1988]

University of Toronto Governing Council

Statement of Policy on Continuing Education

November 15, 1988

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Statement of Policy on Continuing Education


The following statement of policy applies to courses and programs which are provided not for degree, diploma or certificate credit from the University of Toronto.


  1. The University should provide service to the community--at-large and to the professions in a network of formal and informal continuing education courses and programs which are consistent with University disciplines and academic resources.
  2. The quality and level of the University's continuing education courses and programs should be consistent with the University's general objectives, and meet the same standards of excellence.
  3. The University should encourage all divisions to participate in the provision of continuing education courses and programs.
  4. The University should provide continuing education programs and courses which are founded on its strengths and primary objectives, and which the University can provide more easily or better than other educational institutions.
  5. Continuing education activity within the University should be conducted on an income/expense recovery basis.
  6. Continuing education activity in the academic divisions, when undertaken as part of a regular teaching load, should be taken into full account as one factor in considerations of promotion, merit pay, and tenure decisions.