Career Centre Policy [March 24, 1987]

University of Toronto
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Career Centre Policy

March 24, 1987

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Career Centre Policy March 24, 1987

Career Centre Policy

The objective of the Career Centre is to facilitate and promote the employment of the University's students and recent graduates, and to prepare them to meet and deal with the employment market.


1.      Career counselling on an individual and group basis for students and graduates within the  previous two years.

2.      Permanent employment services including:

a)      an on-campus recruitment programme for students in their graduating year who are eligible to accept employment in Canada;
b)      a permanent employment registry for suitably qualified graduating students and graduates within the previous two years.

3.      Summer employment services including:

a)      a summer on-campus recruitment programme for current students;
b)      a job listing service operated in cooperation with the Canada Employment and Immigration Commission which is open to students from other institutions as well as those at the University of Toronto from May 1-August 31.

4.      Part-time and temporary employment listing service for current University of Toronto students.

5.      Coordination of University participation in government-funded employment programmes which benefit students or University departments.

6.      Specialized programmes for certain employment categories or academic constituencies operated on a cost-recovery basis with the division concerned.

7.      Career information services, including a career resource library.

8.      Outreach programmes.

Specific Policies

1.      The Centre has an open recruitment policy, that is, any employer wishing to list a position or use Career Centre facilities to interview students is permitted to do so, regardless of the nature of the position involved, provided that

a)      the duties and conditions of employment are clearly stated and do not appear to be unlawful;
b)      the position requirements and selection process comply with the provisions of the Human Rights Code of Ontario and other applicable legislation;
c)      the position concerned is not the subject of a labour-management dispute involving a legal strike.

2.      The services of the Centre are ordinarily available only to organizations recruiting for their own staff needs. When exceptions are made and third party recruiters or recruiting organizations use the services of the Centre, student users will be made fully aware of the implications of dealing with such recruiters or organizations.

March 24, 1987

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