Appointment of Non-Governing Council Members (Co-opted Members) of Boards and Committees [May 31, 2004]

Appointment of Non-Governing Council Members  of Boards and Committees

May 31, 2004

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Appointment of Non-Governing Council Members of Boards and Committees

Co-opted members will be chosen in the following manner:

1. The Agenda Committee of the Academic Board will establish a representative Striking Committee of members of the Academic Board, to recommend to the Academic Board for its approval:  (a) the alumni and administrative staff members who are not governors and student members who are not governors and not otherwise elected; (b) the assignment of non-Governing Council members of the Board to Committees of the Board; (c) the appointment of the Chairs and, if any, the Vice-Chairs of the standing committees of the Academic Board.  Nominations for the non-Governing Council seats on the Board will be sought in the manner outlined in 2.(b) and advice will be solicited from the members of the Governing Council as outlined in 2.(c).

2.(a) The University Affairs and Business Boards will establish Striking Committees of Governing Council members representative of each estate on the Council (students, teaching staff, administrative staff, Lieutenant Governor appointees and alumni), plus the Chair or Vice-Chair of the Board, who shall chair the Committee.

2.(b) Nominations will be called for vacant co-opted seats by letters to appropriate groups, e.g.

SAC, SCSU, APUS, GSU, unions and administrative staff groups, UTFA, UTAA,
PDAD&C. Advertisements will also be placed in the campus press if the number of seats warrants the expense.  Individuals may be nominated by campus groups, by individuals, or by themselves.  Nominations must be accompanied by relevant biographical information and an indication of the nominee’s suitability.

2.(c) A Striking Committee will solicit advice from the Governing Council members in an estate on all of the nominees for a seat to be filled by a member of the estate.

2.(d) Following the above solicitation of advice the Striking Committee shall reportin camera to the Board its recommendation of the person(s) most likely to contribute to the work of the Board or Committee of the Board.  The Chair of the Striking Committee shall be prepared to give reasons for the recommendation of specific persons.

3. Provision is made in the terms of reference of the Business Board for approximately four co-opted lay members.  The Chair of the Governing Council and the Chair of the Business Board shall take particular responsibility for nominating candidates for these seats to the Striking Committee.

Approved by Governing Council October 17, 1991
Groups in 2.(b) amended May 31, 2004