Academic Records, Statement Concerning Changes of Student Personal Information in Official [April 16, 2009]

Statement Concerning Changes of Student Personal Information in

Official Academic Records

(approved April 16, 2009)

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The accuracy of students’ academic records is fundamental to the integrity of the Universitys academic mission. It is important that the University’s records identify individual students’ achievements accurately and can authenticate that transcripts are those of the student or alumna named.

While it is usual for the University to require the students formal legal name to be used on its official academic records, the University will consider a request from a student to change the name and/or gender recorded on their record. The University must balance its duty to protect the integrity of the academic process and its records with the student’s interest in using a name which may differ from their formal legal name but is consistent with their identity.

  1. When a student applies for admission, the name and gender recorded in the University’s academic record are as provided on the application for admission. The University takes steps to verify the authenticity and legitimacy of academic and other documents submitted in support of the application, including the identity of the student.
  2. Students may request a change of name and/or gender recorded and used by the University in their official academic record. In dealing with requests for changes, the University will require the student to establish and authenticate his/her identity. The University will advise the student that where the name on the records is not the formal legal name of the student, future employers, licensing bodies, or other educational institutions may require proof that the transcripts and diplomas are the legitimate academic records of the individual submitting them.
  3. The permanent official academic record will include a record of all names recorded and approved while a student is enrolled and after graduation, if a name change request is accepted after graduation. Only the most recent name accepted by the University will, however, be disclosed on transcripts and diplomas. Gender, which is collected and recorded for statistical purposes only, is not disclosed on transcripts or diplomas.
  4. The University does not normally accept requests for change of name following graduation but such a request will be considered where supported with appropriate documentation.
  5. The University Registrar will provide guidelines reflecting these principles concerning changes of name and gender to academic divisions and others in the University who are responsible for student records.
  6. The University supports access to and privacy of student personal information in keeping with its commitment to the requirements of Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).
    The Policy on Names on Official Student Academic Records and Corroborative Documents, 1986, is hereby rescinded and replaced by this Statement.

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Freedom of Information and Privacy Act

Approved by Governing Council April 16, 2009, replacing the Policy on Names on Official Student Academic Records and Corroborative Documents approved January 9, 1986.