Rules of Procedure

l. Following receipt of a written appeal, the Secretary of the Subcommittee shall notify the Appellant, by e-mail and/or telephone, of the following:

a) acknowledge receipt of the appeal;

b) state the date, time and place where the hearing of the appeal will take place, or that the Appellant will be informed later of such date, time and place; and

c) state that the Appellant may appear in person, with or without an Agent or Legal Counsel.

2. The Secretary shall distribute, on a confidential basis, to each member of the Subcommittee prior to the time of the hearing of the appeal, a copy of the appeal, the original petition to the Subcommittee on Standing, supporting material, and any other related material.

3. When the Chair of the Subcommittee on Academic Appeals calls an Appellant and/or representative into the hearing room the Appellant shall be informed that members of the Subcommittee have read the appeal and the related material but have not discussed it. The Appellant shall then be informed of the structure of the meeting, which will proceed as follows:

a) The Appellant or representative will briefly present the background to the appeal and the arguments supporting it.

b) The Chair of the Subcommittee on Standing or a representative will present information pertaining to the denial of the original petition.

c) Members of the Subcommittee on Academic Appeals will have an opportunity to ask questions to the Appellant, the Chair of the Subcommittee on Standing and/or representatives.

d) The Appellant will have the opportunity to make a final statement.

e) The Appellant and their representatives will leave the room.

f) The Subcommittee will deliberate and reach a decision regarding the granting or denial of the appeal. The decision of the Subcommittee shall be on a show of hands and be determined by a majority of the Subcommittee present with the exception of the Chair who will only vote in the case of a tie.

4. The decision of the Subcommittee shall be communicated in writing to the Appellant and to his/her Agent/Legal Counsel (if any).

Terms of Reference- Subcommittee on Academic Appeals
(Approved- September 10, 2013)