Re: Presidential Search Committee Update

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Rose M. Patten
Chair of the Governing Council

Date: October 25, 2004

Re:  Presidential Search Committee Update

At its meeting on September 23, 2004, the Governing Council approved the membership of the Presidential Search Committee (PSC). Since then, the PSC has met twice and has agreed on how it will proceed in its work over the next several months. As part of its deliberations, members discussed extensively their individual and collective obligations with respect to the search and, in that context, have adopted a Charter of Expectations.

Charter of Expectations

The Charter of Expectations outlines ten principles which members of the Presidential Search Committee acknowledge -- and overwhelmingly endorse -- as a guide for all of the activities related to the execution of their responsibilities. It is consistent with and supports the expectations expressed in the Policy Respecting the Appointment of a President. A copy of the Charter is attached for your reference.

Acknowledgement and Affirmation of Members' Commitment

Each member of the Committee, in adopting the Charter, has signed an acknowledgement and affirmation of commitment to the Policy Respecting the Appointment of a President and to the Charter of Expectations. This agreement is a formal undertaking of and commitment to the obligations and responsibilities described in both documents.

Next Steps: Selection of Search Firm and Consultation Process

Selection of Search Firm -- The PSC is currently in the process of selecting a search firm to assist it in its work. A Request for Proposals was issued earlier this month and the Committee has now had the opportunity to begin its review of the proposals submitted. Within the next two to three weeks, we will have completed our interviews and due diligence and will announce the name of the firm we have engaged.

Consultation -- As we noted in earlier communications, a critical step in the search process is the development of the position specification and role profile. A key part of this effort will be broad and deep consultation within the University community and beyond. In our next communication, we will define for you how we intend to approach this consultation which will begin with a formal call for input and advice on the position of President.