Re: Appointment of Presidential Search Committee

Memorandum to:

Governing Council
Academic Board
Business Board
University Affairs Board
Principals, Deans, Academic Directors and Chairs
Professionals, Managers and Confidential Staff
President of UTFA
Presidents of Employee Unions
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Rose M. Patten
Chair of the Governing Council

Date: September 24, 2004

Re: Appointment of Presidential Search Committee

At its meeting yesterday, the Governing Council approved the membership of the Presidential Search Committee pursuant to the Policy Respecting the Appointment of a President (1999).

At the outset, I would like to emphasize that the membership respects the Policy in striving for broad representation of scholarly interests and internal University perspectives, as well as external insights. In reaching our decision on the membership, our primary consideration was excellence. The guidelines and principles we used supported our goal which was to have the Search Committee membership reflect the excellence of the University and the excellence we will seek in a new President. And, building on this excellence and representation, it will be the obligation of each member to think, first and foremost, of the University – in all its parts – as we proceed through the task before us. In this context, I have also committed that our consultations will be as inclusive and comprehensive as we can make them, ensuring that all constituencies have an opportunity to share their views.

Candidate Pool and Screening

At a special meeting of the Executive Committee on Monday, September 20 we discussed a broad list of potential candidates for membership on the Presidential Search Committee. I developed for the Committee’s review this shortened list after a careful screening of the entire pool of nominees. As the Executive Committee had agreed, all potential candidates were assessed relative to the general selection guidelines outlined in the call for nominations of August 10, 2004, as well as the more detailed guidelines and principles discussed and agreed upon by the Executive Committee at its meeting on September 13. Copies of both documents and the Policy are available on the Governing Council website at

I want to acknowledge the valuable input and advice provided by the Principals and Deans on the initial draft of the selection guidelines. The Executive Committee and I are extremely grateful for the insightful comments we received.

During Monday’s Executive Committee meeting, members provided advice and comment on the potential candidates and identified areas to pursue in further consultation and due diligence prior to bringing back a final slate for consideration. Yesterday, at a second special meeting, the Committee again considered the membership and recommended approval of the slate to the Governing Council.

Committee Membership

By Policy, I have the responsibility of chairing the Search Committee. Its members will be:

Administrative Staff

Ms Margaret Hancock, Warden of Hart House, is a senior member of the administrative staff. Well-known and respected by faculty, staff and students alike, Ms Hancock will bring a valuable perspective on campus life. In addition to her University of Toronto experience, she will bring extensive knowledge of and experience in the community. Ms Hancock is also an alumna of OISE/UT and Victoria College.


Ms Shirley Hoy is a “double” alumna, having graduated with Bachelor of Arts (Victoria College) and Master of Social Work degrees. A former governor, Ms Hoy completed her term on the Governing Council in June of this year, having served on the Business Board, the Planning and Budget Committee and the Elections Committee. She will bring to the Search Committee a solid knowledge of the University, as well as important perspectives on and connections to municipal and provincial governments perspective and relations.

Mr. Joseph Mapa, a governor just beginning his term, has a longstanding connection with the University beginning with his undergraduate studies in Arts and Science and Education – he is an alumnus of New College and the former Faculty of Education, now OISE/UT. In addition, he holds a Diploma in Health Administration and an MBA, both from the University of Toronto. Mr. Mapa will bring a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector and provide valuable insights from the perspective of the University’s teaching hospitals. As well, he enjoys tremendous respect and profile in the broad external community.

Ms Jacqueline (Jackie) Orange is an alumna of St. Michael’s College. A governor mid-way through her term, she has chaired the Business Board since 2003 and has demonstrated a solid commitment to the University and an in-depth understanding of its business affairs. As a result of her professional work, Ms Orange also has a deep understanding and appreciation of the federal government and issues relevant to postsecondary education.

LGIC Appointees to the Governing Council

Mr. John F. (Jack) Petch, Vice-Chair of the Governing Council, is also an alumnus, having received his JD from the Faculty of Law. Still early in his term of service on the Council, Mr. Petch enjoys the respect and confidence of his fellow governors and members of the senior administration. Well-known and respected in the legal community – and in the broader community – he will be able to bring valuable insights from external constituencies connected to the University.

Mr. W. David Wilson, a commerce graduate of Victoria College, is a new governor who will bring enormous knowledge of and connections to the private sector. His breadth of leadership and exemplary accomplishments in the business community will bring wisdom and important perspective to the Committee. He has demonstrated his understanding and appreciation of the University’s needs through his exemplary service on the Board of the University of Toronto Press.

Students – Full-time Undergraduate

Mr. Bruce Cameron is an outstanding scholar currently in his fourth year of Engineering Science where he is pursuing the aerospace option. He completed his term on the Governing Council in June of this year and is serving on the Planning and Budget Committee, the Agenda Committee and the Academic Board in 2004-05. Winner of several prestigious academic awards, Mr. Cameron is also actively involved in numerous campus activities.

Students – Part-time Undergraduate

Ms Linda B. Gardner, a part-time student in Fine Art History registered at Woodsworth College, is a graduate of the Academic Bridging Program. She is a mature student with significant work experience in communications, employee recruitment and training, and marketing.

Students – Graduate

Mr. Mahadeo Sukhai is currently a doctoral student in the Graduate Department of Medical Biophysics. He has an impressive record of academic achievement, graduating from his undergraduate studies with distinction and receiving a number of academic awards throughout his time at the University. Mr. Sukhai is currently President of the Graduate Students’ Union and is highly respected by fellow students and members of the administration and governance.

Teaching Staff

Professor Paul Gooch, President of Victoria University, holds academic appointments in the Department of Philosophy and in the Centre for Religious Studies. Deeply respected for his understanding and passionate commitment to the University, Professor Gooch will bring to the Committee important insights on the Federated Universities and the Colleges. He is a senior scholar who has extensive and varied administrative experience, including a significant period at the University of Toronto at Scarborough.

Professor Cheryl Misak is currently Vice-Principal, Academic and Dean, University of Toronto at Mississauga and holds an academic appointment in the Department of Philosophy. She will bring to the Search Committee valuable insights on tri-campus issues, as well as perspectives on the humanities and other academic disciplines. Professor Misak enjoys enormous respect among her colleagues, both as an administrator and as a scholar. Having held academic appointments at other universities, she will also be able to contribute an external academic perspective to the Committee’s deliberations.

University Professor Peter St. George-Hyslop, a highly acclaimed physician-scientist in the field of neurodegenerative disease, has been recognized with several Canadian and international awards
for his work. His academic appointment is in the Department of Medicine and he serves as the Director of the multi-disciplinary Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases. In addition to his broad and deep understanding of research and teaching at the University of Toronto and in the Faculty of Medicine, he will also bring to the Search Committee experience from other universities.

Professor Molly Shoichet is a widely recognized scientist whose work is at the forefront of biotechnology and spans a number of disciplines. She holds academic appointments in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, and the Department of Chemistry.

University Professor Janice Stein, a member of the Department of Political Science and the Director of the Munk Centre of International Studies, is not only well-known and respected in the scholarly community, but is also widely recognized in the broader community. As a true public intellectual, she is much in demand by governments, educational institutions and the media for her knowledge of and expertise in peace and conflict studies.

Of the proposed membership, Mr. Mapa, Ms Orange, Mr. Petch and Mr. Wilson are current members of the Governing Council. Ms Hoy and Mr. Cameron completed their terms on June 30 of this year.

Next Steps

The Search Committee will begin to work immediately. Its initial tasks will include broad consultations on the position profile and the selection of a search consultant. As we proceed, we will communicate regularly to the University community, whether we are seeking input or keeping you up to date on the milestones of the search.

I would like to thank all of you who provided advice and input in the process of selecting the Search Committee. We have an important job ahead of us and the commitment that you have shown is extremely important to our success. I continue to welcome your comments at any time.