I cannot attend convocation, how do I receive my diploma?

If you are not attending your Convocation you may obtain your diploma in one of the following ways:

  1. If you are not attending your ceremony, please RSVP “not attending” on ACORN during the RSVP period.
  2. You may collect your diploma in person at the Office of Convocation. Please see the timelines for pickup below and bring your original University of Toronto TCard or valid government-issued photo identification (please note that we cannot accept an Ontario Health Card as photo identification, nor photos of your identification) with you.
  3. You may send another individual to collect it on your behalf.  That individual must provide a Fillable Diploma Pickup Letter of Authorization from you that must include the name of individual that the diploma is to be released to, your student number, degree earned and your original signature (emailed or otherwise electronically sent OR SIGNED copies will not be accepted). The authorized individual must also provide suitable identification (see timelines for pickup below).
  4. For a fee, you may have your diploma delivered to you after all ceremonies have concluded.


The Office of Convocation will hold your diploma for one year following the date of Convocation.

  • If you are graduating in March 2024, diplomas will be available for collection as of March 15.
  • If you are graduating in June 2024, diplomas will be available for collection as of June 25.
  • If you are graduating in November 2024, diplomas will be available for collection as of November 5.

Office Hours: We are by appointment only, but offer walk-in service immediately following the convocation ceremonies for those graduates. See details here

If you should lose or damage your diploma please click here for information on obtaining a replacement. The current fee for replacing a diploma is $150.00 CAD (this includes taxes and shipping).