UTM Campus Council Membership 2023 - 2024

Constituency Position Name
Administrative Staff Member Szurmak, Joanna
Administrative Staff Member Wener, Ron
Alumni Member Naylor, Eha
Community Member Member Anderson, Heather
Community Member Member Basit, Hassaan
Community Member Member Kwan Anderson, Karen
Community Member Member Lotesto, John Paul (JP)
Community Member Member Ludford, Latonya
Community Member Member Mohammed, Asif
Community Member Member Tariq, Hana
Community Member Member Vahed, Ziyaad
Ex Officio Non-Voting Member Drummond, Sheree
Ex Officio President Gertler, Meric
Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Hanington, Sandra
Ex Officio Chair of the Governing Council Kennedy, Anna
Ex Officio Voting Assessor - Acting Vice-President and Principal, UTM Orchard, Ian
Ex Officio Chancellor Patten, Rose
Government Appointee (LGIC) Chair Curran, Ann
Graduate Student Member Cui, Jenny
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Barber, Luke
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Overton, Mark
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Rule, Nicholas
Teaching Staff Member Chiuzi, Rafael
Teaching Staff Member Gerlai, Robert
Teaching Staff Member Hong, Rosa Junghwa
Teaching Staff Vice-Chair Petersen, Andrew
Teaching Staff Member Taylor, Laura
Teaching Staff Member Wright, Daniel
Undergraduate Student Member Du, Wenchao
Undergraduate Student Member James, Ehab
Undergraduate Student Member Seelochan, Phoenix