UTM Agenda Committee Membership 2022-2023

Constituency Position Name
Administrative Staff Member Wener, Ron
Community Member Member Di Millo, Ivana
Ex Officio Vice-Chair Curran, Ann
Ex Officio Non-Voting Member Drummond, Sheree
Ex Officio Chair of the Governing Council Ecker, Janet
Ex Officio Chair, UTM Campus Affairs Committee Gerlai, Robert
Ex Officio President Gertler, Meric
Ex Officio Voting Assessor - Vice-President and Principal, UTM Gillespie, Alexandra
Ex Officio Chair Kant, Shashi
Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Kennedy, Anna
Ex Officio Chancellor Patten, Rose
Ex Officio Chair, UTM Academic Affairs Committee Taylor, Laura
Graduate Student Member Cui, Jenny
Teaching Staff Member Yu, Kathleen