UTM Agenda Committee

A representative body with total membership of 13 members, the Campus Council Agenda Committee is composed of members of the UTM Council and comprises the five estates of the Governing Council and the UTM Council.  The Agenda Committee is responsible for the preparation of the agenda for meetings of the UTM Council. The Committee determines the readiness of items of business for submission to the UTM Council, the documentation required to accompany a proposal, and any guests to be invited to each meeting of the UTM Council. As part of its responsibility, the Committee receives and reviews reports of other committees for transmittal to the UTM Council. The Committee decides which items will be placed on the consent agenda and which reports for information will be published electronically. The Agenda Committee also considers notices of motion given at the UTM Council.

Assistant Secretary of the Governing Council and Secretary of the Agenda Committee:

Ms Cindy Ferencz Hammond