Planning and Budget Committee Membership 2024 - 2025

Constituency Position Name
Administrative Staff Member Eylon, Jessica
Alumni Member Westcott, Grace
Ex Officio Chair, Committee on Academic Policy and Programs Amara, Catherine
Ex Officio President Gertler, Meric
Ex Officio Chancellor Hall, Wesley
Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Hanington, Sandra
Ex Officio Chair of the Governing Council Kennedy, Anna
Full-time Undergraduate Student Member Calabretta, Luca
Full-time Undergraduate Student Member Cheng, Albert
Full-time Undergraduate Student Member Cortez, Ryan
Government Appointee (LGIC) Member Cloud, Janet
Presidential Assessors Senior Assessor Young, Trevor
Presidential Assessors Voting Assessor Lennon, Jeff
Presidential Assessors Voting Assessor Mabury, Scott
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Burke, Christine
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Cowen, Leah
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Lehto, Dave
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Palmer, David
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Rodgers, Trevor
Teaching Staff Member Dolovich, Lisa
Teaching Staff Vice-Chair Dubber, Markus
Teaching Staff Member Gazzale, Robert
Teaching Staff Member Handley, Antoinette
Teaching Staff Member Kandel, Rita
Teaching Staff Chair Lautens, Mark
Teaching Staff Member Oesch, John
Teaching Staff Member Sivanandam, Suresh
Teaching Staff Member Steenhof, Naomi
Teaching Staff Member Tagliamonte, Sali
Teaching Staff Member Williams, Charmaine
Teaching Staff Member Zingg, David