Report: College of Electors - November 02, 2021

Via Virtual Meeting room


Minutes of the College of Electors virtual meeting held on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Candice Jay, (UTAA) (Chair), Jennifer Dolman (University College) (Vice-Chair), Jehane Adam (New College), Judy Beamish (Medicine), Leslie A. Boehm (DLSPH), Dr. George Buldo (Medicine), Arun Channan (Engineering), Doris Chee (FALD), Vidia Dhanraj (New College), Ernesto Diaz Lozano Patiño (Engineering), Demetra Dimokopoulos (UTM), Imre Gams (UTM), Chris Girard (University College), Shauna Gundy (Trinity College), Evie Jesin (Dentistry), Nakia Lee-Foon (Victoria College), Eve Leung (Information), John Paul (JP) Lotesto (UTM), Dr. Sofya Malik (OISE), Douglas Moggach (St. Michael’s College), Judy Newman (Social Work), Nick Pantaleo (St. Michael’s College), David Plant (Trinity College), Dr. Joy Richards (Nursing), Dr. Sheila Ritcey (PT/OT), Larissa Rodo (Engineering), Dr. Cindy Sinclair (OISE),), Matthew Stodolak (OISE), Mark Surchin (Law), Stephen Tardif (St. Michael’s College), Harlan E. Tufford (Woodsworth College), Dr. Gina Valle (OISE), Tom Woods (Engineering), Theresa Wright (Innis College)

Daniel J. Correia (KPE), Althea Fernandes (UTSC), Cynthia Elson (Victoria College), Julia Prato (UTSC), Erin Rud-Thompson (Woodsworth College), Sitharsana Srithas (UTSC), Lisa Taillefer (Victoria College), Robin Whiffen (Music)

Sheree Drummond, Secretary of the Governing Council
Patrick McNeill, Secretary, College of Electors

Brian Lawson, Chair of the Governing Council
Professor Meric Gertler, President, University of Toronto
Sana Halwani, President, University of Toronto Alumni Association

  1. Chair’s Remarks and Orientation

    The Chair welcomed members to the meeting. The Chair also welcomed Mr. Brian Lawson, Chair of the Governing Council, President Meric Gertler, and Ms Sana Halwani, President, University of Toronto Alumni Association, who had joined the virtual meeting, specifically to address the College on the attributes and requirements for alumni governors for 2022; and Ms Sheree Drummond, Secretary of the Governing Council.  

    The College moved In Camera.
  2. Attributes and Requirements for Alumni Governors 2022

    The Chair noted that three (3) seats would need to be filled as of June 30, 2022.  She reported that as part of a preliminary discussion of the attributes and also on the requirements most in need for 2022, the Chair of the Governing Council, the President and UTAA President had met with the COE Executive Committee on Wednesday, October 13th.

    The College received comments from the Chair of the Governing Council, the President and UTAA President.

    Following an extensive discussion by members, it was agreed that the following attributes would be highlighted in the 2022 Call for Nominations for Alumni Governors and there was a particular interest in recruiting alumni who: 
  • Are strongly committed to diversity as reflected by its alumni, faculty, staff and student body, and who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas, skills and knowledge. (The College of Electors welcomes applications from racialized persons/persons of colour, women, Indigenous/Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and others);
  • Are engaging and persuasive communicators with consensus-building skills;
  • Are highly creative, strategic and critical thinkers, who engage with emerging ideas and technologies to reimagine the University of the future;
  • Have demonstrated governance experience in complex organizations, particularly in a leadership role;
  • Have demonstrated UofT volunteer experience and a service commitment; have a strong community presence and networks;
  • Have a knowledge of and expertise in one or more areas important to the University (for example: real estate and strategic asset management (e.g. public-private partnerships), human resources and senior leadership succession planning, entrepreneurship, innovation, risk management (including cyber & reputational), and/or financial services (e.g. audit);
  • Can act as dedicated advocates for post-secondary education on behalf of the University;
  • Can commit significant time and energy as a volunteer to actively participate and master the complexity of the University; with a genuine interest in championing its evolution as a preeminent teaching and research institution;
  • Have international experience and/or exposure; and
  • Have an interest in shaping and guiding the changing student experience including promoting student success and wellness.
  1. Alumni Governor Election Process

    Members discussed the Alumni Governor election process and reviewed the draft 2022 Alumni Governor Nomination Form that contained minor revisions from the previous year. 

    The COE Secretary presented the tool kit for members and reviewed the communications plan, which would be implemented with the assistance of the Division of University Advancement to promote the call for nominations for three alumni members of Governing Council.

    College Members were asked to contact their respective university alumni affairs representatives to discuss further dissemination of the Call for Nominations – the Secretary would provide the necessary contact and draft content to Members.
  2. Election of the 2021-22 Nominating Committee for Alumni Governors

    Arun Channan (FASE - 2nd year), John Paul Lotesto (UTM - 3rd year) and Tom Woods (FASE - 1st year) were elected to the 2021-2022 Nominating Committee for Alumni Governors (NC-AG) of the College of Electors.

    The College returned to open session.
  3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting – October 4, 2021.

    The minutes of the meeting of October 4, 2021 were approved.
  4. Business Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    There was no business arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.
  5. Date of Next Meeting 

    The Chair reminded members that the next meeting would be held on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.
  6. Other Business

    There was no other business.

The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.

November 12, 2021