UTM Campus Council & Committees


The UTM Campus Council is composed of twenty-eight people. Of the elected members of the Campus Council who are not also members of the Governing Council, two Administrative Staff members, four Student members, and five Teaching Staff members may be elected by and from among their respective estates.

On behalf of the Governing Council, the UTM Council exercises governance oversight of campus specific matters, as well as any matters assigned to it by the Governing Council from time to time. In general, the UTM Council is concerned with matters affecting the Campus’ objectives and priorities, the development of long-term and short-term plans and the effective use of resources in the course of these pursuits. Decisions of the UTM Council may be final with confirmation by the Executive Committee on behalf of the Governing Council or constitute a recommendation to the Governing Council or one of its bodies.

UTM Campus Affairs Committee

Total membership of the Campus Affairs Committee is 34 members, with a majority of the membership drawn from among internal university members (administrative staff, students, and teaching staff). In general, the Campus Affairs Committee is concerned with matters that directly concern the quality of student and campus life. The Committee is also responsible for monitoring, reviewing and making recommendations concerning a broad range of planning issues and priorities and for the use of campus resources.The Committee recommends matters for approval to the appropriate body of the Governing Council, through the UTM Council.

UTM Academic Affairs Committee

The membership of the Academic Affairs Committee consists of 66 members, including two members of the teaching staff for each of UTM's departments and comprises the five estates of the Governing Council and the UTM Council. In general, the Academic Affairs Committee is concerned with matters affecting the teaching, learning and research functions of the Campus. The Committee recommends for approval to the appropriate body of the Governing Council, amendments to divisional academic policies. Academic policy sets out the principles for, the general directions of, and/or priorities for the teaching and research activities of the Campus.