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Rose M. Patten
Chair of the Governing Council

Date: February 7, 2005


Re:  Presidential Search Committee:
    (1) Call for Nominations
    (2) Next Steps

(1) Call for Nominations

We have now passed the January 31, 2005 deadline for nominations for the 15th President of the University of Toronto. I would like to thank all of you who have provided us with your thoughtful input on individuals whom you feel the Presidential Search Committee should consider. We appreciate greatly your ongoing interest in and commitment to the success of this very important process.

(2) Next Steps

Over the next several weeks, we will be considering the names before us and will undertake the rigorous process of assessing each person relative to the Position Specification that you helped us to create. The result of our careful consideration and evaluation will be a shortlist of individuals whom we will invite to meet with the Committee in due course.

Last week, I reported briefly to the Executive Committee of the Governing Council on our activities. I noted then, and will repeat now, that the Presidential Search Committee is strong in every significant way. Members are working well individually -- and as a group -- and they have a deep commitment personally and collectively to this important decision. And, as we move into the next phase of assessing and narrowing down the list of candidates, I am pleased to say our work is proceeding on schedule.

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