Arrival & Assembly

In order to ensure a memorable convocation experience for you and your guests, we kindly request that you follow the instructions below:

Please arrive 1.5 hours prior to the beginning of the ceremony and collect your academic regalia before proceeding to the marshalling rooms. Regalia can be collected in the TBA.

After collecting your regalia, please proceed to the Marshalling Rooms to assemble for the procession. It is important that you arrive in the Marshalling Rooms at least 1 hour and 15 minutes before your ceremony. The Marshalling Rooms are located in the TBA.

Graduands will be placed in the order in which they will be presented to the Chancellor. It is essential to remain in this order to ensure accurate presentation to the Chancellor at the ceremony. Diplomas will be distributed at the ceremony after you have crossed the stage. Out of respect for fellow graduands, it is requested that the graduates return to their seats in the Hall after the diploma is collected and remain in their seats until all candidates have been presented to the Chancellor.

Please review the graduation timeline and checklist to ensure that you have completed all of the steps necessary for a successful convocation.