Lost or Destroyed Diploma

Avoid delays!

Make sure your diploma replacement request includes all of the following:

  • a completed Request for Replacement Diploma order form with an original signature
  • a Statutory Declaration form completed by a Notary Public
  • the appropriate fee(s) in the form of a Money Order, Bank Draft or Certified Cheque
  • a completed Diploma Delivery Request Form (with payment) if you wish to have your replacement diploma couriered

Please Note: requests which are incomplete will be returned via Canada Post regular mail.

Cost: $80.00 CAD/each diploma

Please note that we can only accept cash, money order, bank draft, or certified cheque (not personal).

In the case of a lost or destroyed diploma, you must complete a Statutory Declaration and have it signed and sealed by a Notary Public*, legally swearing that the original diploma has been lost or destroyed.

(*A Notary Public is a public official who can authenticate documents with a notarial seal. Many lawyers are also Notaries. A Notary Public is not equivalent to a Guarantor. Please contact a local law office in your area.)

Replacement Diploma Order Form (fillable PDF)

Statutory Declaration Form

Diploma Delivery Request Form (fillable PDF)

If you wish to have your Replacement Diploma couriered to you please see Diploma Delivery. Please make sure to fill out the forms in their entirety before submitting them to the Office of Convocation. Please note that faxed or otherwise electronically sent or signed copies will not be accepted. Your original signature must appear on this form. This form must be received with your payment. The typical processing time for a Replacement Diploma is approximately 2 weeks upon receipt of documentation and payment. During peak Convocation seasons, please allow 6-8 weeks for a Replacement Diploma to be processed. Peak Convocation seasons are early-May until the end of June and mid-October until the end of November.

(*Please note that Canada Post deliveries (including Express Post, Priority Post, Registered Mail, and EMS) are no longer delivered directly to the Office of Convocation. This may delay processing your request. If you have a pending deadline please consider an alternate delivery method.)