Digital Diploma

Digital Diplomas are only available to those who had their degree conferred between March 2020 and November 2021Continued access to the digital diploma, provided by, is only available to graduates who established an account within 1 year following their graduation. Accounts can no longer be created, nor can a digital diploma be issued.

Information for 2022 graduates and onwards

The University of Toronto does not currently issue digital diplomas. The University Registrar's Office, in partnership with the Office of Convocation, is currently reviewing our digital diploma services. Additional details will be emailed to graduates when more information is available.

(Class of 2020 AND 2021 ONLY)

No. We are pleased to offer the Digital Diploma in addition to the printed diploma (parchment).

A Digital Diploma is a secure, high-resolution version of your diploma stating the name, crest and seal of the University of Toronto and the signatures of senior officials of the University. It also includes your name, degree, and the conferral date. The Digital Diploma can be securely downloaded and shared.

Yes. As with your printed diploma, you will receive a digital version of each.

A Certification of Degree is a signed and sealed document printed on letterhead stating your name of record, degree conferred, and date of graduation. A Digital Diploma is an electronic version of your printed diploma.

If you created your Parchment account within one year of graduation but are having issues accessing the digital diploma, please contact who will be able to assist.