Digital Diploma

A Digital Diploma is a secure, high-resolution version of your diploma stating the name, crest and seal of the University of Toronto and the signatures of senior officials of the University. It also includes your name, degree, and the conferral date. The Digital Diploma can be securely downloaded and shared.

NOTE: Digital Diplomas are only available to those who have had their degree conferred in March 2020 and after.

Benefits of having a Digital Diploma

  • Celebrate your accomplishments with friends and family
  • View or download a verifiable copy of your diploma
  • Share with prospective employers or other academic institutions
  • Use as an alternate to an apostille

Accessing your Digital Diploma

  1. Check your email: In the weeks following convocation, you will receive two emails. First, an email from the Office of Convocation confirming that your Digital Diploma will be issued. Once the Digital Diploma has been issued, you will receive a second email from '' with instructions on accessing your Digital Diploma.
  2. Create your account on We work with to securely issue and store your Digital Diploma. Follow the links in the second email to create your Digital Credential Profile.
  3. View, download and share: Share your diploma with prospective employers or download a secure PDF version.

Digital Diploma Eligibility

A Digital Diploma is only available to those who have had their degree conferred on March 2020 and after. Students who have not yet graduated or who graduated prior to 2020 are not eligible.


Yes. The digital diploma that you can downloaded is an official PDF copy and is secured with blue ribbon certification via global sign CA. Embedded on page 2 of the PDF is a unique URL where third parties can click to further authenticate the document on the Parchment website.

No. We are pleased to offer the Digital Diploma in addition to the printed diploma (parchment).

Digital Diplomas are generally issued 4-6 weeks after degrees have been conferred. Graduates will receive an email from '' to their UTmail address with instructions on how to access their Digital Diploma.

It could be that you have outstanding fees, and your diploma is being held until those fees are cleared. Please contact your registrar for information regarding your fees and possible diploma hold.

Yes. As with your printed diploma, you will receive a digital version of each.

A Certification of Degree is a signed and sealed document printed on letterhead stating your name of record, degree conferred, and date of graduation. A Digital Diploma is an electronic version of your printed diploma.

Unfortunately, only graduates in 2020 and beyond are eligible for the Digital Diploma.

Once your Digital Diploma has been issued, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access it.

Click on the link in the email and follow these steps:

  1. Click “Sign Up” to create a Parchment account.
  2. Follow the prompts to verify your account.
  3. From your account dashboard, share your diploma or download a secure pdf.
  4. Repeat as many times as you wish. Your digital diploma with Parchment will never expire.

Contact if you have any issues accessing the Digital Diploma.

Some graduates trying to access their Digital Diploma may receive a message stating that the link is expired. If this is the case, please contact who will be able to assist.