Certification of Degree

A Certification of Degree is a signed and sealed document printed on letterhead stating your name of record, degree conferred, and date of graduation.

Fee: $25.00 CAD for each Certification of Degree

IMPORTANT: A Certification of Degree is only available to those who have had their degree conferred. If your degree has not yet been conferred, you may request a letter confirming that you have met the requirements to graduate from ACORN should your faculty permit this, or from the Registrar’s Office in your division.

Processing Time: 15-20 business days*

*Please note that this does not include delivery time with Canada Post or Courier.

Order your Certification of Degree HERE

Delivery Options

You have three options for receiving your document:

  • Have it mailed to you or directly to the address indicated on your form. In this instance, the document will be sent by Canada Post regular mail and will not have tracking details.
  • Have it couriered to you or directly to the address indicated on your form (additional fees apply). You will receive tracking information as soon as the document has been sent for delivery.
  • Pick it up from our office, either personally or by sending someone on your behalf. No additional documentation is needed for pick up, however you will need to book an appointment once the document is available.


  • Need to order a Certification of Degree for more than one degree? You will need to complete an online request and payment for EACH degree.
  • Want multiple copies for the same degree, but have different needs for each copy (ex. only need one in a signed sealed envelope)? Please indicate any special instructions in the Special Instructions text box on the form.
  • Want multiple copies delivered by courier? Select Certification of Degree - PLUS Courier to the appropriate destination (Canada, US, or International) for one copy. Then select Certification of Degree VIA MAIL for all other quantities. We will send all documents in the same envelope by courier for one courier fee.

Toronto School of Theology Graduates - please note that a Certification of Degree for your TST degree cannot be issued by the Office of Convocation. Please contact your college registrar for a Toronto School of Theology Certification of Degree.

For School of Continuing Studies Certificates, do not use this form. Please contact the School of Continuing Studies to request your certificate.

Please contact us with any further questions.

Regrettably, the University of Toronto does not issue copies of diplomas. Your diploma is a legal document. Therefore, the only copy of your diploma is the one that you received. Please take your original diploma to any local Notary Public* and they can provide you with a certified copy.

(*A Notary Public is a public official who can authenticate documents with a notarial seal. Many lawyers are also Notaries. A Notary Public is not equivalent to a Guarantor. Please contact a local law office in your area.)

The Office of Convocation can provide a Certification of Degree. This is a document printed on office letterhead that states your name, degree earned and date of Convocation. It is then signed and sealed by a University Official.