Policies & Procedures

The University of Toronto collects, creates, uses, maintains, discloses and disposes of information for the purposes of operating the programs and business functions of the University in a manner consistent with the Act.

The University of Toronto promotes access to information and transparency of its governance and decision making. The University routinely makes large amounts of information available to the public on the University's website. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on the University's website, it is recommended that you contact the University department or body who you believe has knowledge of the information you are looking for before making a formal request under the Act. An informal request will likely prove to be both faster and more cost-effective than going through the formal request process under the Act.

The University is committed to protecting the privacy of those who work and study at the University of Toronto.

To view the University's policies and guidelines including: FIPPA - General and Administrative Access and Privacy Practices; FIPPA - Guideline Regarding Security for Personal and other Confidential Information; and FIPPA, Q and As for Instructors  click on the following link Policies and Procedures.

For the University's policies, see UofT policy page.