Formal Request Requirements

The 3 requirements for a formal request for access to information

The University will only process your request if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. the request is in writing [Request Form (PDF)]: If you do not use the Request Form, make sure your written request states that the request is being made under FIPPA;
  2. the $5 application fee for your written request (cheque or cash) has been received by the FIPP Office (make cheques payable to: "The University of Toronto"; cash payments should be made in person at the FIPP Office - do not send cash payment by mail);
  3. you have provided sufficient detail to enable an experienced employee of the University, with a reasonable amount of effort, to identify the information/record you are requesting.

Please mail all requests for access to information to the attention of the FIPP Coordinator in the FIPP Office. The FIPP Office will contact you if your request is deficient or it needs to clarify the information you are requesting. The FIPP Office will need to verify your identity before processing requests for your personal information.