Making an Access Request


The University of Toronto is committed to transparency and accountability, and there is much information posted on University websites and available on request. We suggest that you review University websites and contact the University department or faculty that may have information that you seek. They can provide the information or direct you to it.


For information that is not available informally, you can make a request under FIPPA.

You can also request correction of factual information about you at the University.

Requests must be in writing and require a request fee of $5.00, payable to the University of Toronto. We provide a request form, which is not mandatory, but is a useful template for your request and for details the University needs to process the request and contact you.

Once your request is received, the University will process it as required by FIPPA. Most requests are answered in 30 days. If more time is needed, or third parties have to be notified, or fees are payable for the records, we will notify you, as required by FIPPA.

University FIPPA decisions can be appealed to the Information and Privacy Commissioner / Ontario. University decisions under FIPPA contain detailed contact information and instructions for filing an appeal.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact us.