Contact Internal Audit

If you have any questions or comments, please email the Department.

To reach a specific member of the Department, see the contact list below.

Lusine Amirkhanyan Senior Auditor (416) 946-7425 
Vandana Bhamidi Senior Auditor  (416) 978-7396
Audelyn Budihardjo Assistant Director (416) 978-6375 
Helena Cheung Senior Auditor (416) 978-6970
André Greenidge Senior IT Auditor (416) 978-6660
Daniel Kawal Auditor (416) 978-2509

Keziah Lo Senior Auditor, Research Compliance (416) 978-6942
Alex Matos Director (416) 946-3221
Priya Mehta Senior Auditor 
Wendy Ng 

Audit Manager

(416) 978-8015