Annual Audit Plan


The Annual Audit Plan is developed by the Director and presented to the President/Vice-Presidents and the Audit Committee at the beginning of each fiscal year. This Plan outlines (for the coming year):

  • The Plan's objectives.

  • A forecast of available audit hours.

  • The planned allocation of audit hours to each type of audit service.

  • The significant Financial, Operational, Compliance and Strategic risks to be addressed in the areas/processes selected for audit at the enterprise, divisional and departmental/program level.

  • The areas selected for audit are from academic, administrative and students service functions on the three campuses.

The Plan is developed with reference to the University's Annual Risk Report, previous internal audit results and management requests.

Audit Resources

The Department has an appointed staff complement of eleven comprising the Director, Deputy Director, Audit Manager, Audit Supervisor, an Information Systems Senior Auditor, five Senior Auditors and one Audit Assistant (see Who We Are).

Staff resources are allocated among department, information systems, compliance audit, investigations and follow-up reviews as well as external audit commitments.