Resources for Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

General information about fees is found on the Student Accounts website along with answers to some frequently asked questions.

Detailed fees information for Graduate Students is found on the Graduate Fees website (SGS).

General information about financial aid is available on the Financial Aid website.

Undergraduates and professional program students in need of financial assistance or advice should contact their Registrar’s Office.

Graduate students can find information at SGS.

If you have concerns related to living in a University residence:


Try to resolve your problem by discussing it with the Dean of Students/Director of Residence.


If the matter is not resolved at that level, your next steps depend on the residence involved.


If the matter is still not resolved, contact the Office of the Vice-Provost, Students.

Please note that, although situated within the University of Toronto precinct, the residences at Knox College, Massey College, and Wycliffe College are independent of the University and are not subject to University policies. Therefore, any concerns on the part of U of T students who reside there must be addressed to the administration of that college.

A full list of services on the St. George, UTM, and UTSC campuses and links to their websites can be found on the Student/Campus Life websites at each campus. If you have a concern about a student service contact the Director of the relevant service.