Undergraduate/Professional Students

If you are a current or former student in an undergraduate or a professional program (not in the School of Graduate Studies)

If you have a concern related to your academic status, you should first consult your faculty or school calendar for an outline of the policies, procedures and regulations relevant to your concern. If you do not have a hard copy of your calendar, check the website for your Faculty or contact your Registrar or other administrator responsible for your program. Please note that there are deadlines for all levels of petitions and appeals: these are specified in your calendar.

If you have a conflict with a professor about the conduct of a course, or think an assignment or test was unfair, or think you have been graded unfairly. if you were unable to complete some course requirements because of illness or emergency situation beyond your control, or you have made an error with respect to registration or enrolling in or withdrawing from a course, consult your calendar and read the brochure entitled Your Grades.

If you have been accused by an instructor of committing an academic offence, or want to know more about how the University deals with cheating, consult Academic Discipline and Academic Integrity Basics for information on plagiarism and other academic offences, your rights and responsibilities, procedures that apply if you are suspected of having committed an academic offence, and links to the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

The Code of Student Conduct pertains to offences of a non-academic nature. For a fuller explanation of the procedures under this Code, see The Student's Companion to the Code of Student Conduct.

Bear in mind that the University expects students to be aware of the policies, procedures and deadlines that apply to their programs. If for any reason you remain uncertain about how to proceed, or if you wish to obtain advice before taking further steps, please contact us.

If you need legal advice, you may be able to obtain it from Downtown Legal Services. They are familiar with the University’s various appeal and tribunal processes.

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