Our Services

We can help by:

  • analyzing the problem and identifying options
  • explaining relevant University policies and procedures
  • clarifying the channels you can follow
  • providing neutral confidential advice
  • expediting matters that have been unduly delayed
  • investigating problems when regular channels have been exhausted
  • assisting the parties in resolving disputes

We cannot:

  • deal with matters outside the jurisdiction of the Governing Council (e.g., a landlord/tenant dispute)
  • make decisions on behalf of the University
  • make or overrule University policy or established procedures (though we may comment and recommend change in these areas)
  • intervene if the complaint can be pursued as a grievance under a collective agreement
  • intervene if the regular processes provided by the University have not been used
  • accept notice on behalf of any party, including the University
  • consider complaints that are before the courts of law
  • give legal advice

For more information about the role of the Office see our Terms of Reference

Getting Help