As part of the University’s commitment to ensuring that the rights of its individual members are protected, the University Ombudsperson is devoted to ensuring procedural fairness and just and reasonable outcomes. The Ombudsperson offers advice and assistance and can recommend changes in academic or administrative procedures where this seems justified.

In recognition of different campus cultures and practices, and to make our services more accessible to clients, there is an Ombuds Officer based at each of the three campuses. Contact us.

The Office of the Ombudsperson is:
  • CONFIDENTIAL Matters are dealt with in strict confidence and will not be discussed with anyone without your written approval - even the fact that the Office has been contacted by an individual is protected information. Confidentiality is subject to disclosure only as required by law, or where we believe there is imminent danger to health or safety.
  • IMPARTIAL The Office advocates for fairness rather than for any person or party, and has unlimited access to all relevant University files and offices.
  • INDEPENDENT — The Ombudsperson is independent of all administrative offices and is accountable only to the Governing Council, to which he submits annual reports.

Requesting Assistance

The fastest way to contact us is to complete the confidential and secure Request for Assistance Form. After you have completed the form, an Ombuds Officer will contact you within two business days.

Info Alert

The University of Toronto Ombudsperson and Ombuds Officers are members of the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons (ACCUO).

Confidential advice, coaching, referral. If all else fails, intervention with your consent. Contact us for more information!

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