UTSC Campus Council Membership 2021 - 2022

Administrative Staff Member Dr. Tayyab Rashid
Alumni Chair Ms Grace Ann Westcott
Community Member Member Mr. Edward Henley
Community Member Member Mr. Imran Khan
Community Member Member Mr. John Ramdeen
Community Member Member Mr. Jason George Glover
Community Member Member Ms Irmi Hutfless
Community Member Member Ms Gillian Mason
Community Member Member Ms Silma H. Roddau
Community Member Member Ms Dorinda L. So
Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Ms Janet L. Ecker
Ex Officio President Professor Meric S. Gertler
Ex Officio Chair of the Governing Council Mr. Brian D. Lawson
Ex Officio Chancellor Dr. Rose M. Patten
Ex Officio Voting Assessor - Vice-President and Principal, UTSC Professor Wisdom J. Tettey
Government Appointee Member Mr. Sameer Lal
Government Appointee Member Ms Danielle Skipp
Librarian Member Ms Paulina Rousseau
Presidential Assessor Non-Voting Assessor Mr. Andrew Arifuzzaman
Presidential Assessor Non-Voting Assessor Professor William A. Gough
Teaching Staff Member Professor George S. Cree
Teaching Staff Member Professor Shadi Dalili
Teaching Staff Member Professor Tarun Dewan
Teaching Staff Vice-Chair Professor Vina Goghari
Teaching Staff Member Professor Sonja Nikkila
Undergraduate Student Member Ms Esma Boztas
Undergraduate Student Member Ms Michelle Ramnaraine
Undergraduate Student Member Ms Jinny Tsang