UTM Campus Council Membership 2021 - 2022

Administrative Staff Member Mr. Ron Wener
Alumni Member Mr. Harvey Thomas Botting
Community Member Member Mr. Sultan Akif
Community Member Member Mr. Hassaan Basit
Community Member Member Ms Laura Cocuzzi
Community Member Member Mr. Dario Di Censo
Community Member Member

Ms Ivana Di Millo

Community Member Member Mr. Imre Gams
Community Member Member Mr. Jay Nirula
Community Member Member Mr. Ziyaad Vahed
Community Member Chair Ms Samra Zafar
Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Ms Janet L. Ecker
Ex Officio President Professor Meric S. Gertler
Ex Officio Chair of the Governing Council Mr. Brian D. Lawson
Ex Officio Chancellor Dr. Rose M. Patten
Government Appointee Member Ms Ann Curran
Graduate Student Member Mr. Gerard Otiniano
Librarian Member Ms Shelley Hawrychuk
Presidential Assessors Voting Assessor Professor Alexandra Gillespie
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Ms Deborah Brown
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Professor Rhonda McEwen
Presidential Assessors Non-Voting Assessor Mr. Mark Overton
Teaching Staff Member Professor Rafael Chiuzi
Teaching Staff Member Professor Robert T. Gerlai
Teaching Staff Member Professor Sanja Hinic-Frlog
Teaching Staff Vice-Chair Professor Shashi Kant
Teaching Staff Member Professor Laura Taylor
Teaching Staff Member Professor Kathleen Yu
Undergraduate Student Member Ms Kuan-Ju (Maggie) Ku
Undergraduate Student Member Mr. Livon Mamiza
Undergraduate Student Member Mr. Evan Daniel Silva