Committee for Honorary Degrees Membership 2021 - 2022

Administrative Staff Member Ms Shannon Simpson
Ex Officio Secretary of the Governing Council Ms Sheree Drummond
Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Ms Janet L. Ecker
Ex Officio President Professor Meric S. Gertler
Ex Officio President, U of T Alumni Association Ms Sana Halwani
Ex Officio Chair of the Governing Council Mr. Brian D. Lawson
Ex Officio Chair Dr. Rose M. Patten
Ex Officio Chair, Academic Board Professor Salvatore Spadafora
Ex Officio Acting Vice-President & Provost Professor L. Trevor Young
Full-time Undergraduate Student Member Mr. Andi Darell Alhakim
Graduate Student Member Mr. Amin Kamaleddin
Lay Member Member Dr. Wendy M. Cecil
Lay Member Member Mr. Gary D. Goldberg
Lay Member Member Ms N. Jane Pepino
Teaching Staff Member
Teaching Staff Member Professor Arthur S. Ripstein
Teaching Staff Member Professor Janice Gross Stein
Teaching Staff Member Professor Alexie Tcheuyap