Legal Assistance

If you require legal assistance:

Downtown Legal Services is a FREE legal service offered by students from the Faculty of Law whose work is overseen by qualified lawyers. The clinic has limited resources so they cannot take every case, but they are familiar with the University's various appeal, grievance and tribunal processes.
D.L.S. provides an array of legal services, including advice and representation before courts and tribunals, in five general areas of practice:

  • Criminal Law – summary conviction offences (such as theft, assault, mischief, causing disturbance, threatening, drug charges)
  • Employment Law – job loss, unfair treatment at work, problems with employer
  • Family Law – child custody, spousal and child support, restraining orders
  • Refugee Law – claimants must be referred by a refugee organization
  • Tenant Housing – for tenants only (evictions, repair applications, illegal rent increases)
  • University Affairs – academic appeals and offences within the University

D.L.S. also provides other legal services such as commissioning affidavits and notarizing documents for a wide variety of purposes.
Telephone (416) 978-6447 for an appointment.