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Alumni from the classes of 2020 and 2021 are the only graduates eligible to attend the celebrations in December.

Alumni were contacted by their divisions via email in October inviting them to complete a Microsoft Form if they wished to attend an in-person celebration. The deadline to respond was October 25, 2022. The celebration schedule was developed based on the responses received.

Registration is now closed.
  • A degree in 2020 and a degree in 2021: If your celebrations fall on different dates, you are eligible to attend both celebrations. Please note: you will have to rent and pay for two sets of regalia. For example, if you graduated with a HBA from Woodsworth College in 2020, and a MA from the Faculty of Arts and Science/School of Graduate Studies, you are eligible to attend both ceremonies. For the Woodsworth celebration, you must rent HBA academic regalia. For the Arts & Science/SGS celebration, you must rent MA academic regalia.
  • A degree in 2020 and a degree in 2021: If your celebration includes both degrees, please rent the academic regalia of your highest earned degree. You will be announced with the higher degree at the celebration. An example of this scenario: you graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 2020 and a Master of Engineering in 2021.

No. The December 2022 in-person celebration is your only opportunity to participate in an in-person graduation event.

Yes! 2020-2021 alumni who rsvp to attend will have the opportunity to cross the stage in Convocation Hall.

Family and friends are welcome to photograph graduates during the graduation celebrations.

Formal portrait photography will be taken by GradImages. This will be done as you cross the stage and also off-stage before you return to your seat in the Hall.

GradImages will send a free proof* to review with the option of purchasing. Please note there is no sitting fee for this service. Graduates who attended celebrations can access their formal portrait photos by going to www.gradimages.ca.

GradImages has a large team of customer care representatives ready to help graduates and family members with anything they may need. Customer Service can be reached at (800) 372-3686 or ecc.glservice@gradimages.net.

*A proof is a print of a photo, usually clearly marked with the name of the photographer or studio. Its purpose is to show you the photograph. They can also be bought, or you can order prints in other sizes. Please note that the words proof and sample are used interchangeably for the purposes of this site and the ceremony RSVP form.

No. The December celebrations will take place in-person only.

If you wish to watch the virtual convocation ceremonies of 2020 and 2021, please visit the links below.

Spring 2020 Ceremony
Fall 2020 Ceremony
Spring 2021 Ceremony
Fall 2021 Ceremony

No. In 2020 and 2021, all diplomas were sent by courier to your permanent mailing address in ACORN.

If you have lost your original diploma, and are in need of a replacement diploma, please click here.

The University of Toronto does not issue formal invitation letters for graduation celebrations, however, we can provide a document to make your Canadian visa request.

Please send us an email with your question, and include your student number, degree, and school / faculty / college.