Executive Committee Membership 2020 - 2021

Administrative Staff Member Mr. P.C. Choo
Alumni Member Ms Joan Mary Johnston
Alumni Member Mr. Bruce Winter
Ex Officio Non-Voting Member Ms Sheree Drummond
Ex Officio President Professor Meric S. Gertler
Ex Officio Chair of the Governing Council Ms Claire M.C. Kennedy
Full-time Undergraduate Student Member Ms Jiazhen (Diana) Li
Government Appointee Member Ms Janet L. Ecker
Government Appointee Member Ms Sandra Hanington
Government Appointee Vice-Chair of the Governing Council Mr. Brian D. Lawson
Government Appointee Member Ms Joanne McNamara
Part-time Undergraduate Student Member Ms Olivia Batt
Teaching Staff Member Professor Ernest W.N. Lam
Teaching Staff Member Professor Mark Lautens
Teaching Staff Member Professor Salvatore M. Spadafora