How Do I File an Appeal?

For more information on filing an appeal, please see Appendix B.1.b of the Discipline Appeals Board Terms of Reference.

Once you are notified of the outcome of your hearing, you are given 21 calendar days to file an appeal. In order for you to file an appeal, you must have adequate grounds.

An appeal to the Discipline Appeals board may be taken from a decision in the following cases only:

i) by the accused from a conviction, upon a questoin which is not one of fact alone;

ii) by the accused from a penalty imposed.

In order to file an appeal you MUST:

1. Provide your Notice of Appeal in writing by the appeal deadline states the grounds/basis for the appeal. (These do not have to be lengthy. The point here is not to argue the appeal, but to explain the basis on which you are bringing your appeal. This portion of your appeal must be submitted by the 21 calendar day deadline.)

2. Agree on a timetable with the Division and/or Division's counsel for submission of your appeal materials, and their responding materials.

3. Prepare and file with the ADFG Office your appeal material, including a document summarizing the facts and law you intend to rely on to support your appeal submissions.

Timeliness of the Appeal

You or your representative and the Investigation Officer will be expected to confer on a schedule to submit appeal materials. The materials supporting your appeal are in addition to the Notice of Appeal, and do not have to be submitted with the Notice of Appeal. They usually include a legal document called a factum which sets out the facts and law upon which you intend to rely.

*Note: “The Hearing Officer shall ensure that a tape recording is made of all sessions of a hearing. Such tape recordings shall be kept by the head of the Division for at least 90 days after notice has been given of the decision of the hearing” (Code of Student Conduct – Memorandum on the Maintenance and Use of Records of Non-Academic Discipline Proceedings, paragraph 7).