The Ceremony

The Graduating Classes will enter Convocation Hall in procession under the guidance of their Marshals and will occupy the places reserved for them.

Members of the Graduating Classes and the audience will rise when the Academic and Chancellor's Processions enter the Hall and will remain standing until the Chancellor formally convenes convocation by saying “In concilium Universitatis Torontonensis vocati sumus”.

The President will request the members of the Graduating Classes to rise in their places, and when they have done so, will address the Chancellor as follows: Insignissime Cancellarie: Praesento tibi hosce scholares ut admittantur ad gradus varios, testorque eos quoad omnia quae statuta requirunt aptos et idoneos esse.

Most distinguished Chancellor: I present to you these scholars that they may be admitted to the various degrees, and I bear witness that, as far as all things which the statutes require, they are fit and suitable.

The Chancellor will reply as follows: Ad profectum huius provinciae et populi Canadensis cum sociis omnibus ego auctoritate mea et totius Universitatis admitto vos ad gradus varios, licentiamque vobis do omnia ea faciendi quae ad illos gradus pertinent.

To the benefit of this province and of the Canadian people with all their allies, I , by my authority and that of the whole University, admit you to the various degrees, and I grant you the licence of doing all those things which pertain to those degrees

The President will ask the graduates to resume their seats and will extend greetings and congratulations to them on behalf of the University.

The honorary graduand will then be presented to the Chancellor. The graduand will remain standing at his/her seat during the Presentation Address.

On the conclusion of the Presentation Address, the graduand will approach the Chancellor who will confer the degree by pronouncing the appropriate words. The Hooder will then place the hood of the degree upon the shoulders of the graduand who will then be invited by the Chancellor to sign the Golden Book (the University roll of honorary graduates).

On the conclusion of the Convocation Address, the Presenters, in the order indicated in the programme, will call forward the various groups of graduates and when each group is in place will read the individual names in order that they may advance and be presented to the Chancellor or the President.

After the graduates have been presented to the Chancellor or the President, the Chancellor will address Convocation as follows:

On behalf of the University of Toronto and by virtue of the authority vested in me, I hereby admit all those candidates not here present to their degrees, diplomas and certificates in absentia.

The Chancellor will bring the proceedings to a close by saying "Concilium dimissum est”.