Carlo Fidani

Carlo Fidani CM is presently Chairman and CEO of the Orlando Corporation, one of Canada’s largest privately owned real estate development companies. Established more than 75 years ago, the Company specializes in investment in, and the design, development, and management of, all types of industrial, office and retail properties.

Mr. Fidani was born, raised and educated in Toronto, growing up in a family-owned construction environment where he gained valuable hands-on experience as a youth. He joined Orlando after university, applying his academic and practical skills on a full-time basis, and is now an accomplished businessman.

During Mr. Fidani’s career and through his leadership, Orlando has expanded exponentially and has flourished with the development of business partnerships and investments, providing a wide diversification for the Company.

Mr. Fidani is a concerned environmentalist and a widely recognized philanthropist. Orlando Corporation and the Family Foundations philanthropic support are primarily focused on the advancement of healthcare in the areas of education, research, treatment and innovation. In recognition of his philanthropic endeavours, Mr. Fidani was recently appointed to the Order of Canada.

His interests for relaxation include reading, flying, fishing and sports of all types.