Candidate Statements for the 2020 UTSC Campus Affairs Committee Elections


4 seats - 11 candidates

Rakiya Abdullahi

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

Hello, my name is Rakiya Abdullahi. I am running for the position of UTSC Student Campus Affairs Committee official. I intend to play an active role in improving our university and its facets. I have good leadership, listening and communication skills to hear your concerns. I believe in unity on campus and encouraging everyone to a fair go. I would like to be the voice of my peers to create an environment full of interaction about campus life and other matters. Being part of the UTSC campus affairs committee would allow for us to create a healthy environment for students.

Hamde Abubeker

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

Hello, my name is Hamde Abubeker. I am a third year student at the university of Toronto majoring in political science and double minoring in public law and international development studies. I have served as the public law director on the political science student association.I have also served as the treasurer for global youth impact. Both associations have worked to represent the students in the political science and development fields. Working for these organizations in such a capacity demonstrates my commitment and organizational skills. In addition, I have a passion for policy and will do everything in my power to effect positive, inclusive, and affordable change on campus if I’m bestowed this position.

Desteenie Africa

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

I am a humanities student interested in making our campus affairs to best fit the interest of my fellow students. I was president of my high school council and contributed to all events. I am skilled in management positions, but I am also personally involved so I may give my assistance in events in any way possible. I am also involved with the campus AccessAbility Services, so Iwill do my best to ensure equality amongst all students regarding our campus affairs. My hope isto best serve the student body through my commitment of the Campus Affairs Committee.

Raida Alam

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

Hi I am Raida Alam and my goal as an undergraduate representative is to provide the best undergraduate experience for all students. As a student at UTSC I believe the people here are so diverse and welcoming! But I think there are many ways that our experience at school can be further improved. I believe that a successful relationship between our school’s student body, different campus groups and the local community around UTSC is very important. I’m interested in working with the other members of the Campus Affairs Committee to use our schools resources to create a positive and encouraging environment for students.  


Full-Time Undergraduate Student

My name is Sophia Sainee Ayathurai and I am a third year student in the Mental Health Specialist Co-op Program at UTSC. Since starting my undergraduate degree in 2016, I have volunteered on and off campus and am currently the Vice-President of ShareNow, and a successful co-op student. I learned how to be a UofT representative both on and off campus and navigated UofT relations within the community. I am passionate about improving policies to aid students struggling with their mental health, female students, and minority students. I want to make being at UofT a fulfilling experience.

Shile Adeyoyin

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

My name is Shile Adeyoyin, I am a third-year student specializing in International Development Studies. I’m passionate about matters affecting the campus’s objectives and curious as to how decisions regarding policies, campus life, and academics come to be. Through my academic journey at UTSC, I’ve witnessed students sharing their concerns and suggestions regarding academics, fees, mental health, teaching, diversity on campus, social life and more. The concerns I’ve heard thus far have not fallen on deaf hears and being a part of the Campus Affairs Committee is my chance to raise awareness to these concerns that our students have.

Arsheen Bozai

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

I have received the President's Entrance Scholarship with a 99.83% average in my high school where I successfully completed my IB diploma. Additionally, I have accumulated experiences such as starting my own business; and shadowing doctors and henceforth learning about shocking insurance policies concerning refugees. I have also written a fictional novel that I have penned in my free time. Presently, I am beginning my supervised research underneath a biology grad student via biob98h3 and am devising plans for my very own mobile food bank. I would be honored to represent you and be a committed, inclusive council member.

Monisha Chawla

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

I am a first year student studying psychology and health studies. I am very passionate abouthelping others including fellow students and am able to lead as well as work well with others inteam environments. My track record includes organizing events, working with seniors in aretirement facility, numerous volunteer opportunities, and helping in community upliftment. Bybeing a member of the Campus Affairs Committee, I will be able to understand the wants andneeds of students with everything from how you commute to campus to your campus experience.I will be YOUR voice. Elect Excellence, Elect Monisha Chawla.

Jia (Carolee)

Hello undergraduates! My name is Jia and I’ve always been passionate about making our school community better. I am the president of Psychological Health Society, Vice President of Finance in Law Society of UTSC, and the financial director of Scarborough Model United Nations. I am a boundless advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. Let me represent you on the Campus Affairs Committee and express what we value to the school!

Jackie Sahagian

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

Hi UTSC friends, it’s your girl Jackie, I major in Political Science and Music & Culture Studies. I want to run for UTSC Campus affairs because I want to represent Your voice and advocate our rights as students to better enhance and establish a strong connection between the students and our campus life. I am a reliable, highly energetic, outgoing and detail-oriented. My leadership and communication skills developed through my heavy involvement on and off UTSC campus, some of my leadership highlights would be being part of UTSC Student Ambassador program, Frosh Leader, AccessAbility Services, ASA, ACMSA, SCSU and more.

Changmiao Yu

Full-Time Undergraduate Student

I’m Changmiao Yu, a third-year student majoring in math. I love UTSC with all my heart and I'm very involved in school and social activities.I’m currently playing for school's basketball team, working for 3 student clubs, and have volunteered for provincial and city campaign for 4 years. As an international student and a responsible citizen, I'm looking forward to investing my time on school activities and make sure all UTSC students have a pleasurable and unforgettable experience. With my dedication and my experience dealing with school affairs, I'll be capable of handling the position. Please vote for Changmiao Yu!