Arthur Ripstein

Arthur Ripstein is University Professor in the Faculty of Law and the Department of Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts and Science, and holds the Howard Beck Q.C. Chair in Law. Professor Ripstein graduated with a B.A. (Honours) from the University of Manitoba in 1981, a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1986, and an MSL from Yale Law School in 1994. He served on the University’s Governing Council and its Business Board from 2003-2011, and on its Executive Committee from 2004-2011. He was Chair of the Philosophy Department 2011-14 and 2018-19.

Professor Ripstein is the author of Kant and the Law of War (2021), Rules for Wrongdoers (2021), Private Wrongs (2016), Force and Freedom: Kant's Legal and Political Philosophy (2009) and Equality, Responsibility and the Law (1999), as well as more than 80 Articles and book chapters. He has edited or co-edited many books, including, most recently, the late Waheed Hussain’s Living with the Invisible Hand. He served as associate editor of Philosophy & Public Affairs, Ethics and the Canadian Journal of Philosophy. His legal scholarship has been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada. His popular work has appeared on Ideas on CBC Radio One.

Among his many awards and honours, Arthur Ripstein held a Rockefeller Fellowship 1995-96, Connaught Fellowship in 2000, a Killam Fellowship in 2016-18, won the Canadian Philosophical Association Biennial book prize twice (2001 and 2011) and was the Tanner Lecturer at the University of California Berkeley in 2019. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2010, and was awarded the University of Toronto Alumni Association Faculty Prize in 2012, the JJ Berry Smith Doctoral Supervision Award in 2019 and the Killam Prize for the Humanities in 2022. He has held research grants funded by SSHRC continuously since 1995.