Academic Regalia (Gowns & Hoods)

Academic Regalia

All alumni participants must wear academic gowns and hoods. The academic regalia of all University of Toronto degree programs includes a gown and a hood for your degree. Hoods are neither required, nor worn, for candidates from diploma and certificate courses.

If you are registered with Marching Order, you can arrange for your gown and hood rental between November 2 and 22. The gown rental service will close on November 22. On-site rentals will not be available without pre-registration. Please note that the gown rental ID number that you are issued when you arrange for your gown and hood rental will be required to order your guest tickets.

Indigenous ALUMNI PARTICIPANTS & Regalia

In this context, Indigenous peoples include the First Nations, Inuk (Inuit), and Métis peoples of Canada.

If an Indigenous alumni participant wishes to wear their traditional Indigenous regalia in place of the academic gown, they are very welcome to do so.

In any event, the academic hood – the colour and style of which corresponds to the academic degree earned— must be worn. The hood is the recognition of the graduating student’s academic success and a critical part of the academic tradition. It signifies admission into a community of scholars, and as such should be worn with one’s traditional Indigenous regalia or academic regalia.